Spearfishing & freediving wetsuits

research and development

Alpha Wetsuits

The Alpha suits that come on the market are the result of a meticulous development process, which uses the most innovative neoprene methods and technologies.


Both the suits and all the other products are made in specialized laboratories that manage all the phases of realization, from the idea to the actual production.


search for new materials:

–We constantly invest in the search for new materials, construction techniques and models to ensure that every suits and product in our collections always offers the highest technical performance, without sacrificing an impeccable style.

The innovative technologies

The innovative technologies and materials used in the production of all Alpha products make the difference: they guarantee maximum comfort, perfect fit and the best performance.We create and manufacture garments for the most demanding athletes in the world: that’s why we know what you need at all times.

avant-garde production

Each wetsuit we produce is created and developed by a team of professionals designers with a deep-rooted passion for design, performance and functionality. For us every single aspect of design is important. We invest in the technological research of materials, in the development of cuts and new models to ensure that each item in our collection is designed and built to offer the maximum performance that the best athletes in the world require.