Alpha C20

Spearfishing wetsuit camo

Pants jacket outfit made in 3.5mm/ 5mm/ 7mm/ 8 mm versions.

Camouflage model, anatomic, preformed made of superelastic neoprene camo

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Alpha C20

Spearfishing Wetsuit 5mm

Spearfishing Wetsuit 5mm 3mm 7mm Alpha C20 New highly technical carbon lined suit with preformed cut specific for freediving and spearfishing.
Lined 4x way strech neoprene external for greater durability during diving Opencell inside.

Wetsuits neoprene

The used neoprene is characterized by a high level of softness with good resistance to crushing to avoid abrupt changes in trim. With the characteristics of strength of a lined garment.
C20 has become one of the most popular products for Spearfishing freediving and is produced in four different thicknesses 1.5mm /3.5mm / 5.5mm / 7.0mm and two types of medium and soft mixtures depending on the type of deep. anatomical cut with preforming is used to follow every movement, always with maximum adherence and total freedom of movement.

Jacket and trouser outfit (available separately) available in 3,5 / 5 7 mm-8mm versions, exploits the exceptional elasticity of split neoprene to offer the ultimate in comfort, freedom of movement and ventilation.

Caratteristic suit

Arms, legs, preformed backside, split inside.
Jacket with incorporated hood, with large sternal support for the loading of the shotgun
Inguinal closure with interlocking frogs or velcro with buckle for greater adjustment.
External non-through stitching made with water repellent anti-threading wire ..
Smooth neoprene gaskets with lower thickness on the rollers, gyroes and giros.
Padded sternal reinforcement for rifle charging.
Dungarees with preformed legs and knees reinforcement in the knee-and-knee area.
Sizes II III IV V VI and made to measure.

Spearfishing Wetsuit 5mm

Spearfishing Wetsuit 5mm

taylored wetsuit Alpha

Alpha, the pioneering brand behind the invention of the 3D CAMO isothermal spearfishing suit, presents a cutting-edge two-piece ensemble designed specifically for intensive spearfishing. This latest creation incorporates Alpha unparalleled expertise, featuring a camouflage inspired by the sea. The camouflage boasts 3D realism and a softened background effect, enhancing the depth of field for an unmatched spearfishing experience.


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Double frog, one frog, Velcro, Velcro with buckle


1.5 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm