Spearfishing and freediving wetsuits

Spearfishing and freediving wetsuits

Spearfishing and freediving wetsuits .There are literally hundreds of different wetsuits to choose from in today’s marketplace so how do you know which one is right for you? How do you know what features you should look for?Along with quality, thickness and finishes of the neoprene, you will need to consider the style and cut of a wetsuit when choosing what to buy. A one piece suit is simple, quick and easy to put on, usually with a back zipper. But it won’t generally be as warm as a two piece suit. On the other hand todays one piece semi dry suits offer plenty of warmth without the need for the diver to carry truckloads of lead around just to get down! Therefore it is very important when you are comparing different suits to look at the features of a suit, not just the fancy patterns or colours.

Smoothskin wetsuits refers to the treatment on neoprene, which makes the wetsuit more hydrodynamic. This is a popular wetsuit for competitive freedivers.

  • Advantages:
    • Makes you more hydrodynamic and can increase the speed of your freefall
    • Easier to put on and take off due to the nylon lining on the inside
    • Can come in a range of colors


Sandwich wetsuits include a layer of nylon sandwiched between an open cell on the inside and smooth skin on the outside. This type of wetsuit is also one of the the best and resistent types of wetsuits to buy, usually only used by professional freedivers.

  • Advantages:
    • More durable than no-lining wetsuits
    • Like no-lining wetsuits, the open cell on the inside keeps you warmer, longer, and the smooth skin on the outside makes you more hydrodynamic

Choosing between Custom or Standard Wetsuits , take a custom wetsuits so you will not have a problem with size.


  • Spearfishing and freediving wetsuits

    Spearfishing and freediving wetsuits