Spearfishing Wetsuits Alpha

Spearfishing Wetsuit Alpha

Spearfishing Wetsuit Alpha Make you Freediving Wetsuits and spearfishing suits  custom made. You send us your measurements and we will send you a top quality tailor-made wetsuit.

There is a huge difference between a custom made wetsuit and a one standard-size-fits-all wetsuit. A typical one-size-fits-all wetsuit uses a super stretchy neoprene that tears easily and compresses quickly. A torn, compressed wetsuit is a cold wetsuit.

Alpha wetsuits

Our wetsuits are now made from Yamamoto 45 Daiwabo and Heiwa neoprene which is tough yet flexible and resists compression — making it perfect for spearfishing and freediving. Our open cell interior and closed cell exterior will provide you with excellent thermodynamics and will keep you warm .

many people using Alpha wetsuits

Alpha two piece, open cell wetsuits are the professional spero and diver’s choice. The hooded jacket and high waist pants with full open cell interior, are manufactured in high quality neoprene chosen for the ideal balance between stretch/softness and resistance to permanent compression. This neoprene combined with an anatomical wetsuit shape makes a Alpha suit so warm and comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing a wetsuit.

Alpha suit exterior is lined with durable high stretch Lycra to protect the neoprene and diver from cuts caused through contact with reef, rocks or boat. Lycra also allows the alpha camouflage printing of our unique camouflage patterns. Tough but flexible Supertex material provides extra protection in high wear areas; knees, elbows and speargun loading pad.

The custom fit also reduces your chances of chafing because this suit will fit you where it is supposed to and not just where it ends up. Available in 1.5mm 3.5 mm, 5.5 mm and 7.5 mm thickness. Choose yours.



Spearfishing Wetsuits Alpha

Spearfishing Wetsuits Alpha